Clinic solution based on efficacy and effect that proves as a result


Cell Fusion C Expert

CellFusionC Expert is the “Brand for Hospitals and Clinics” of CellFusionC , an efficacy derma brand.

Since its debut in 2001, it has established a firm position as a brand based on the know-how of clinic experts that helps improve problem skin , and provides safe and effective derma solutions for various skin problems.

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Cell Fusion C Expert
currently holds more than 220 certifications and technologies, including its own patented ingredients, and is striving to develop products based on efficacy and effect.

The patented ingredients, created with our own technology, have been clinically confirmed to generate new ceramides, increase skin moisture, and increase the recovery rate of damaged skin barriers, and are applied to all products.

In addition, we are introducing about 60 kinds of home care/professional products through strict clinical and reliable prescriptions based on the advanced technology and skin science theory of CMS Lab Cosmetics Research Institute so that sensitive skin can be used for treatment and management after skin treatment.

In addition, we have more than 220 certifications and technologies, participate in various academic activities and strive for continuous product development.

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Products that have been verified for their efficacy are being met with customers in over 8,100 clinic channels in 27 countries around the world as well as in Korea.

Cell fusion C Expert is currently being prescribed and sold in over 3,000 hospitals and clinics in Korea, including major general hospitals, and all over Asia (China, Vietnam, etc.), Americas (USA), Europe (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, etc.). We are meeting with customers around the world through 8,100 hospital and clinic channels in 27 countries around the world.




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Join CellFusion C Expert, a clinic solution based on efficacy and effectiveness that proves as a result.

The secret that has been loved by numerous skin experts and consumers for a long time is that there are optimal products created by constant skin research. With our specialized technology, we will strive to reinforce the development of products focusing on materials and efficacy effects that reflect the latest skin science trends in the core fields of the medical dermis, such as disease assistance care and cosmetic post-care.